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    potential rpm affiliate



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    potential rpm affiliate

    Post  raven313nc on Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:08 pm

    its been alittle bit. i hope i get to hear from eric and mike sometime. hit me up on messenger. i'm here to inform you two that within a months time i'll have a formed all tuner club here in bel air, md. i'dlike it if you guys agreed to be affiliates of ours. i only have 2 members right now. the founder (me) and the co-founder. i want to start small and only have 5 members to start. i'm going to use everything i learned from you guys and instill it in the members of the club. as you may know i have a nice 99 prelude and the co founder has a bad ass 97 prelude. it would be awesome as shit if i could have an all prelude club but i'm open for all introductions. the clubs name will be titled: rod. gers. is gay as shit.hahaha. nah i'm playing. it will be called lude motorsports. if you have any advice or knowledge to lay on me please do so. hit me up on messenger sometime. later. eric wells.

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    Re: potential rpm affiliate

    Post  Kurai on Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:33 am

    lol good stuff bro glad to see that you got your thing going up there man good stuff, you and your partner should come thru the site etc etc, i think its pretty cool that your guys are reppin in MD. I really dont got a issue with it, but its a club decision but doubt there will be many objections....what have you guys been doing as a club so far?

    Oh and sent u a message on YIM. look for the one that says..." you a dude? well we tell all the dudes they gotta go thru the well, and the wells out back lmao Laughing

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